Digital Miles

Embarking on this project to enhance the user experience of the Bakhabar Kissan (BKK) app has been an important endeavor, driven by the need to bridge the gap between the priorities of the farmers and what the app provides. The importance of this initiative lies in its potential to empower farmers with accessible, actionable, and context-specific agricultural information

Since December 2022, the GSMA Innovation Fund has been actively supporting Bakhabar Kissan in Pakistan. Bakhabar Kissan (BKK) stands as one of the largest agriculture tech and knowledge platforms, catering to farmers across Pakistan. Their team of experts utilizes technology to provide invaluable guidance on various agricultural aspects, including weather forecasts, crop management, and livestock advisory.

In the context of our collaboration, the focus has been on assessing the current state of the BKK mobile application. We engaged in gathering user feedback, aiming to gain insights into the pain points and needs of the farmers who form the core user base. This initiative is a crucial step toward recommending improvements for the BKK smartphone application, which will be conceptualized through wireframes and design concepts based on the comprehensive feedback received.

Beyond being a project, this undertaking is a stride towards cultivating a more inclusive and empowering digital future for farmers. The integration of technology into their daily practices is designed to be seamless, addressing practical needs and enhancing overall efficiency. The activities undertaken and the insights gained serve as the foundation for a strategic redesign, marking one phase of a more extensive journey. Digital Miles eagerly anticipates witnessing the positive impact that the revamped app will have on farmers, contributing to their growth and success.

To attain this goal, the project necessitated a thorough examination of existing user interactions with the app, along with an analysis of their overall behavior and expectations related to advisory services. This comprehensive review involved direct engagement with BKK farmers. The findings, including identified pain points, served as the foundation for creating design concepts and documenting insights. This documentation outlines the current state and provides a rationale for the proposed design improvements.

The ultimate aim is to empower BKK in delivering an intuitive and user-friendly digital experience. By doing so, the platform aspires to become the premier digital advisory platform for agriculture, sought after by users seeking valuable insights and guidance.